Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Two Art Brut Comic Strips By Luke Haines

These two original comic strips were commissioned by Eddie Argos and Art Brut for an i-tunes app for 'Art Brut's Greatest Hits.'

 The first one 'Good Weekend' (2xA4 ink on Bristol board, unframed) features a confused Sunn O))) contemplating a future with brand new member Eddie Argos; Imagine this collaboration instead of t' O)))'s somewhat predictable pairing with reclusive (but not really) high singing man Scott Walker. Imagine.

The second comic strip 'Modern Art' (1xA3 ink on Bristol board, unframed) features our (your) hero Eddie contemplating Modern Art, just like he does in the famous Art Brut song of the same name. Is there a connection to Tony Hancock's masterpiece 'The Rebel' in these black n white lines? There is.

Both comic strips are signed by the artist Luke Haines.