Saturday, 2 August 2014

'King Elton John and his partner David Futures' Acrylic on Canvas 40cm x 30. Original painting by Luke Haines.

Friends! (We are still friends I hope) Adjust your eye peepers. Adjust your brain box. Adjust your reality (adjust REALITY). This thing blazing colours (colors) into your head is an actually painting of King Elton John and his Partner David Futures. The future - that is the theme of this work of 'art'. Is it art? Is it beyond 'art?' Is it beneath 'art?' What does it mean? Why is King Elton John laughing? Is it because he has hidden the baby's eyes? And why is David Futures smiling so? Is it because he knows where King Elton John has hidden the baby's little eyes? Questions. Art is here to throw up questions, and let's be frank - this painting really does pose a fuck of a lot of questions.  

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