Friday, 25 November 2011

Wrestle Paintings For Sale - SOLD OUT

These are the original canvases I painted for the 'Luke Haines 1978 Grapple Calendar' - part of the CD packaging for '91/2 Psychedelic Meditations...' album. I'd quite like to keep them all, but I don't have room, I am hanging on to 2 paintings  - Catweazle, and Rollerball Rocco, and the remaining 10 are available for purchase here. These are all originals, each of the paintings is an edition: 1 of 1. There are no copies. I will put two paintings up for sale a day, they will remain up until they are sold. All paintings are signed.

All paintings are £175.00 inc. Post and packing in the UK. Europe + £8.00 p&p. USA + £14.00 p&p

1/ Dickie Davies. 24cm x 30cm. Acrylic on Canvas. Painting by Luke Haines. 1 of 1.
Title: 'Grapple Fans'
Dickie 'The Eyes' Davies,  Captain Willard to Giant Haystacks Colonel Kurtz, perhaps? Maybe. Not really. Sir Dick of Eyes - the housewives favourite. And, like the Mona Lisa, or The Laughing Cavalier (or Laughing Gnome?) those 'eyes' just seem to follow you around the room. So, art lovers, just imagine your very own Dickie Davies, on your living room wall, looking at you, forever.


2/ Kendo Nagasaki. 24cm x 30 cm. Acrylic on canvas. Painting by Luke Haines. 1 of 1.
Title 'Nagasaki Nightmare'
Kendo Nagasaki, the masked man's masked man. Feel the powers of Nagasaki, mystical, esoteric, the force. Kendo - a wizard and a true star.