Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Catweazle - Last in Wrestling Paintings Series

Catweazle - 'False Teeth'

Acrylic on canvas. 24x30cm. Painting by Luke Haines. Edition 1 of 1. Signed.
Catweazle - in Heaven. Gary 'Catweazle' Cooper, based his act upon a children's TV character.
Catweazle (the wrestler) didn't much look like Catweazle ( the children's telly wizard) but who the
hell cared. With his sack cloth and long lank hair Catweazle was the closest thing to a real
psychedelic wrestler. Now, everyone needs a gimmick and the 'Weazle had two. A plastic frog
that he'd fanny around with, (much to the irritation of his opponents) and false teeth, that would
invariably get knocked out of his mouth. Gasp at the streaks of silver paint that make up Catweazle's
amazing hair. Marvel at his fulsome beard. I painted this to a soundtrack of 'Wild Eyed Boy From
Freecloud,' that sort of thing. Catweazle - we miss you.