Monday, 11 April 2016

Three New Vince Taylor Paintings

3 New Vince Taylor Paintings

'There's murder in the air Bill Hailey
Out in the rock n roll nite
Is he smoking a Pall Mall cigarette
Or a flat 555?
I'm just looking for Vince Taylor
At the rock n roll station on the rock n roll train
Jac rides a rock n roll bike in the rock n roll rain'

I wrote the above words. They are from a new song called 'Black Bunny.' And, when we write a song what do we (I) do? We (I) paint the, here are three paintings of the epically strange Vince Taylor - you know all about him - he was partly the inspiration for Ziggy, he wrote 'Brand New Cadillac' (a song even the Clash failed to ruin) thought he was from America (he was from Isleworth) and went spectacularly berserk. A kind of orthodox rock n roll Syd Barratt.

So, here are three paintings - a Vince Taylor triptych - available as separate pieces.