Monday 9 November 2015

Righteous Paintings - Ltd Edition of 20


Available for 7 days only (Closes midnight Monday 16th November)

Hail Frenz and Fiends.

It has been a busy year. A year of the mini album, a 'Raving' LP, a cookbook, and of course my current 'waxwork': 'British Nuclear Bunkers'. A righteous year for me and hopefully for you brothers and sisters. To end the year I decided to pick up my paintbrushes, put on my Pete Townshend boiler-suit and size 50 DMs – and take to the canvas. This particular canvas is a limited edition of 20 individual 'Righteous' paintings, available in Maoist red and white and revolutionary black on red. These paintings are so revolutionary that they will only be available for 7 days.

So look, feel the power of the righteous fist salute, and don't let the heat run you off the streets.

Luke Haines, Baron of Righteousness.  South England. 9th November 2015

Example of three Righteous paintings in a row

'Righteous' Painting. Ltd edition of 20 individual paintings by Luke Haines. Acrylic on canvas. 25cm by 30cm. Each painting will be signed by the artist.

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