Saturday, 11 February 2012

Catweazle 'Bonus Painting'

'Catweazle In Bathing Suit.' Acrylic On Canvas. 24cm x 30 cm. Original Painting By Luke Haines. Edition 1 0f 1. Signed By The Artist.

Catweazle, Catweazle, so good they named him once. Not quite. Catweazle, so good I painted him twice. This early version, a 'protoweazle', didn't make the Grapple Calendar. There he stands, Sickert like, in the blue gloom and attired in bathing suit. This is why I have called this cheeky number 'Catweazle In Bathing Suit.' Good that. There are flaws, let's be honest. But flaws are good, flaws are what 'it's' all about. The canon, say of the Pink Fairies is flawed. The catalogue of Brian Eno, say, is less flawed. Thus, without a map or a compass I have proved that the Pink Fairies are better than Brian Eno. Does Brian Eno ever think about Catweazle? He does not. But you will, you will, as you ponder whether to spend your hard-earned on this delightful canvas. Proving in the process that you are better than Brian Eno.

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