Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Freqs - Release date 11th November. CD only.

Dawn of the drones. Rock 'n' Roll is essentially frequencies. And frequencies are all drones.

After recording my latest album for Cherry Red 'Smash The System' I still had the itch to record more. So I sat down with a Moog Werkstaat 001 synthesiser and did exactly that. The Moog (it's pronounced Moog not Moge - fucker) has 'the filter.' If you wanna go deep 'freq' you need 'the filter.' So here's the science bit: The Moog can hit frequencies so low that it could stun a cow at 50 ft, and so high that it could kill a dog on a Jumbo Jet. But of course any fool can record drones - so I put an end to that...

In July I trademarked the frequency 43 hertz. 43 hertz is an audible frequency just above a sub sonic. It can be heard in all electronic music, and pretty much all music apart from James Galway's greatest hits. To put it bluntly, If you are recording music or intend to release music in the future or have released music in the past then you probably owe me money. You'll keep though. On with the show -

The first 'side' of 'Freqs' ('Warning To The Freqs' and 'Freqs 1- 4') are all drone experiments. I have no idea what you are supposed to do when listening to this 'music.' Maybe take heroin.

The second 'side' of 'Freqs' (tracks 6 - 10) is the 'pop' side. 'Freqs' now becomes a 'meta' album. It's the story of what happens when a man (Luke Haines) effectively controls all sound. So, the freaks (or freqs) now inhabit a 'Ruined Airport' somewhere in eastern Britain. (eastern Britain is now located where Denmark used to be) In 'Ruined Airport' the planes come in, and so do the freaks (freqs) but no-one can ever leave...

Freq Out, boys n gals. 'Freqs' is out Friday 11th November and comes free with Electronic Sound Magazine. It can not be sold separately.